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Roberto wakes up naked, blindfolded, and tied up in an underground base-camp. Alone and afraid, he hears nothing but silence. All of the sudden he hears footsteps … Sargent Rodrigez approaches him to try to get some answers. After not getting what he wants, he decides that maybe Roberto would listen better to his nightstick. After pushing him around a bit more, Roberto remains innocent and is willing to do whatever he can to get out of there – even if it means sucking cock and or getting fucked in the ass.Rodrigez opens his army pants and releases his hard cock for Roberto to suck on and keep quiet. After that, Rodrigez bends him over and starts to plow away at Roberto’s ass. Rodrigez sees that he’s enjoying it a bit too much so he starts to fuck him even harder. He then empties his load into Roberto’s fucked ass and pulls out his dripping cock.

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